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Caterina Lucchi is a handbags brand that defends the parameters of "good made" in Italy. Its owners also own the very modern and creative brand of Gabs handbags. In case of Caterina Lucchi handbags, these are designed and manufactured by a team of just over a hundred people in Italy.

Caterina Lucchi bags play with different materials depending on the season. Summer bags are raffia and or woven bags. Winter bags use materials such as lambskin, leather or crocodile leather to create textures that match the season. Both in summer and winter, the Caterina Lucchi women’s handbags play with both the inspiration and the advances of the highest innovation to create the perfect bag.

Caterina Lucchi handbags are feminine, elegant and have a certain timeless touch. Its are perfect for any occasion and allow you to give a chic touch to your styling.

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