Converse is a century-old brand that was born closely linked to sports practices and that ended up becoming a favourite e of all those looking for a casual look. Converse was born in 1908 in the United States and its sneakers became very popular among sports lovers. In those early years, Converse shoes were the favorwte of basketball players. Its resistant material, its comfort and flexibility were key at that time.

A hundred years later, you don’t have to be a basketball player to wear them. In the 1950s, Converse shoes became a key part of the young Americans looks, and in the decades that followed, as special collections were launched, its became a favourite of fashion fans. The classic Converse shoes are some of the most identifiable on the shoe market and may also be one of the most imitated.

To models in the usual white color were added many more colours over the years, which makes it possible to find perfect Converse shoes for every look and to combine with any color range. Converse has special lines, beyond its classic model. The All Star or Jack Purcell its some of the most sought after models by shoe lovers and one of those that are part of the catalog of Converse, in addition to some of the most known models that can be found in our online store.

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