Nemonic is a women’s footwear brand from Yecla, Murcia. It is a small big brand with a family origin. The reason of its birth there was the family's interest for designer and avant-garde footwear. Their interest in this topic is what led them to create Nemonic. Therefore, since 1997, they are launching collection after collection, shoes with a differentiated design.

What are inspired by Nemonic shoes, boots and ankle boots? Its main source of inspiration is the current woman. Te goal is that Nemonic shoes to adapt to the rhythm of everyday women today and it respond to what an active, current and and who loves fashion and trend woman likes. Therefore, among their models it is not difficult to find footwear that convinces very different types of buyers, from the most boho-chic, for which they have boots with fringes and tacks, to the lovers of retro, with shoes of vintage air and rounded tips.

All Nemonic shoes, boots and ankle boots are manufactured in Spain, using both the latest technologies in footwear's design and manufacture and the wisdom of creating shoes in an artisanal way.

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