Dr. Martens boots are one of the shoes that are usually associated with made in England, so much so that even today some retro boots's models and some special editions are manufactured handmade in a small British factory and. Although Dr. Martens boots and shoes are quickly associated with everything British, its actually have origins that go a little further and in which more European countries are involved.

Behind the Dr. Martens boots is a German doctor, Klaus Martens, who discovered a way to create more comfortable boots after spraining an ankle in the 1940s. His boots became popular and a decade later were mass-produced in Munich. The German doctor then teamed up with Griggs, a British shoe manufacturer, and the boots began to be produced in Britain, where they became a success and from where they made the leap to the global market. First they became very popular among those workers who had to stand for many hours, as its were very comfortable, and then among young people, becoming urban boots.

Currently, Dr. Martens boots and shoes are one of the most popular in the world and some of the most used by those looking for trend and comfort. To the traditional models of Dr. Martens boots, they were added low shoes, boots or models of patent leather boots or with different prints. In addition, Dr. Martens has special lines for some needs, such as collections of vegan footwear.

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