Seiale is a brand that, each season, present different capsule collections designed for customers who trust Moksín. Seiale is born from the passion of the Moksin team for shoes and is the result of our close collaboration with factories in Alicante and northern Portugal.

In Moksín we travel throughout the year to see the materials trends, lasts, heels and designs at the best international fairs in the sector. In addition, our team observes the feet that wander around the world capitals of fashion on every trip. With all this information, and always keeping our customers in mind, we create the unique collections of Seiale.

In each Seiale's production we take maximum care of level of finishes, qualities and materials. We use the best linings and soles to make a difference with other products of similar prices in the market. We believe that the details and the little things you don’t see are what make the difference.

Seiale is intended as a timeless brand that you can enjoy for a long time and not as an outdated product. In many of our collections you can find the same model adapted in different materials, or even in the same material, throughout the year. These basic models in our collections become the basics of our customers.

Buying a product from Seiale you know that you wear a shoe or sandal with a good fit, very comfortable and with interior finishes above average. And, of course, while still being up to date with the trend materials and designs at every moment.

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