Kennel & Schmenger is a German brand almost a century old and therefore has decades of experience in the world of footwear. The brand remains a family-run company, which remained true to its original philosophy. Kennel & Schmenger wants their shoes to be made of the best materials and to fit the latest trends. Kennel & Schmenger shoes are therefore a perfect blend of tradition, design and modernity, creating unique and different shoes.

Quality is the fundamental element of Kennel & Schmenger’s philosophy. Quality is one of the most powerful hallmarks of their shoes and the brand ensures that the finishes, design and materials used in the manufacture are of the highest quality.

Kennel and Schmenger shoes, boots and sandals are of unquestionable quality, manufactured following the lessons learned after decades of making shoes. In addition, Kennel & Schmenger's shoes fit the needs of many women and has a quite varied range of tastes. The catalogue inclued sneakers, heels or boots, although some of their most famous and desired models are those of their dancers.

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