2024 in's

It's the perfect moment to discuss the trends that will shape the beginning of 2024, trends that are likely to endure until the year's end. It's time to decide which ones will become part of our fashion routine and which ones might not align with our personal style. After all, just because something is trendy doesn't mean we have to love it. The key is to feel comfortable in what we wear, letting our fashion choices speak to who we are.

While it's true that trends often prompt a shift in our mindset towards certain silhouettes or colors, repeated exposure makes it easier for the eye to normalize and, eventually, desire to try them out. How many of us have experienced this phenomenon?

Yet, there will be trends you unknowingly embrace, establishing you as an influencer for others. That's the beauty of experimenting with fashion – sometimes you follow, and other times you lead.

Having said that, let's dive into the trending colors. Undoubtedly, the first is blue. In various intensities, but electric blue, or "azul klein," will dominate. We've already seen glimpses of it this season, and it's set to overshadow the neutral tones that have prevailed in recent seasons. Neutrals won't lose relevance; they are timeless wardrobe staples that exude elegance and rescue us on days when outfit decisions are less than planned – perfect for any moment. However, color, and the mix of colors, are gaining prominence. At Moksín, we strive to keep you ahead of the fashion curve, and we already have perfect examples to fit this trend. The Mou Eskimo 18 Crackled Blue boots, a modern interpretation of a classic Mou boot, and the Kennel & Schmenger Drift 21 sneakers in silver and blue, a flawless combination.

Now, onto a color you're likely familiar with, as it was a big hit this past autumn/winter – red. However, in 2024, we'll witness its evolution into burgundy or wine red. Associated with an elegant yet street-ready style, it will be a casual refinement. Coincidentally, we bring you the perfect example that aligns with this prediction – the Run Of Hike Trial Revolt Anapurna sneakers.

Moving into spring/summer 2024, we are confident that pastel colors will dominate EVA-style sandals, extending to clothing and accessories. Our Birkenstock Arizona Eva sandals, which we offer in different colors every summer, exemplify this trend.

In the realm of EVA-style sandals, the trend emphasizes practicality and comfort as a top priority when it comes to footwear. This trend has been gaining traction for years, especially since the pandemic, and this year, with the introduction of EVA sandals, it becomes even more prevalent. Everyday items and shoes that were once confined to specific settings, such as the beach, are now integrated into daily wear. The popularity of EVA sandals is also due to their effortless application of color to an outfit, aligning with the trend of vibrant hues dominating over neutrals.

Regarding silhouettes, we highlight ballet flats and Mary Jane-style ballet flats. While both have been visible for a few months, they are poised for a strong resurgence in 2024. Keep an eye out for the diverse options we'll soon introduce in the new collection – you'll want to have them all!

Ballet flats and Mary Janes segue into the material of the moment: patent leather. Fashion is cyclical, and everything comes back around. Thus, patent leather is making a return. We directly associate patent leather with ballet flats and Mary Janes because it will be the predominant material in most ballet flats we see in the coming months. Although this material is not limited to these silhouettes, we are already seeing it in spectacular boots like the 3JUIN Marla Fluid and 3JUIN Gilda Fluid.

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