We are pleased to see how each collection of Campomaggi bags and backpacks that we present in Moksín, make our customers, you, love at first sight. There are already many of you who year after year get a piece to make a small collection in your closet. As we always say one of the great advantages of Campomaggi bags is that the philosophy of this brand is focused on timeless fashion creating bags or little jewels as we like to call them that you can use and combine over the years.

As we mentioned before, it is always a pleasure to see customers coming into our stores with bags already used and very used but still more beautiful than the first day. Like Campomaggi in Moksín we like to see fashion as an investment and not as an expense. With this type of brands and products we make sure that this is the case. When we buy FASHION with capital letters and avoid the outdated trends of the moment we will always have in our closet items that we can take out and wear whenever we feel like it, knowing and feeling like ourselves.

Here we show you some of the models of Campomaggi bags that we present this season in Moksín, some as you can see have very baroque straps worked with different laser finishes combined with studs and rhinestones.

And finally we leave you the link to the complete collection or those that are already in our online store campomaggi bags. Here you will also find Campomaggi handbags, Campomaggi wallets, Campomaggi backpacks and Campomaggi travel bags.