Winter begins and at Moksín we want you to be prepared, for this reason today we present you some of the novelties that we have in Mou boots this year. Surely most of you already know these boots that year after year make winters easier. Mou boots are not only warm, they are also extremely comfortable. If you already have a basic Mou boot in your closet and you are looking for a different model, pay attention to this new post.

The first option that we propose is a flat ankle boot with a sports sole. As for the color, you can choose white leather with studs on the bronze upper or black leather with gray studs. A Mou ankle boot with a metallic logo on the heel. In this selection we also show you another model with studs this time on the back of the shaft, MOU boot in beige, flat and with a medium shaft. Like all Mou boots, they have a fur lining and handmade wool stitching.

Now a model with a running sole made of faded bronze-colored broken leather. Mou boot with spectacular wings adorned with crystals on the back. If you are looking for a different Mou boot, be sure to look at this model.

The last option in this post is an internal wedge in pink leather with matching wool piping. What is different about this Mou with a basic one are the crystal wings that it has on the back. The last Mou boot that we want to show you today has the same wedge, the chosen color is ash gray, the detail in this piece is on the upper and as a final touch the mink that decorates the upper part of the shaft.
MOU boots are undoubtedly the best purchase for cold days, enter our online store and see the entire Mou collection that we have for you.