Part of the joy of our work lies in discovering new brands, exploring fresh projects in the fashion industry, and getting to know the creative minds behind them. Embracing simplicity and finding beauty in seemingly effortless designs is a fundamental aspect of our philosophy.

That's why we were absolutely delighted when we stumbled upon Dona Formiguinha's project. Their handbags and backpacks embody that elusive "something" that captivates the eye without needing a rational explanation. It's an art form in itself—to create products that effortlessly enamor you.

Now, allow us to introduce you to the Dona Formiguinha backpacks—the shining stars of their collection. Crafted from the finest full-grain leather, these backpacks feature meticulous attention to detail, including a discreet interior pocket.

The clog collection from Dona Formiguinha embraces the same "less is more" philosophy as their bags and backpacks. Starting with a wooden base and showcasing a distinctive turned detail, these clogs break away from convention. They experiment with a range of materials, from vegetable-tanned leathers to intricately woven mesh. When worn, these mesh designs create an unmistakable and unique effect, setting them apart from the ordinary.