Fíos sowcase in MOKSIN

Get caught up in a lively conversation, whether it's with your friends or those intriguing places near and far. Remember what our grandmothers always say, "Do what you love." Make room for that buzzing idea in your head that dances in your heart. Get tangled up in the things that truly captivate you, and before you know it, you might be weaving the story of your life's greatest passion.

This season, we invite you to step into our vibrant showcase, where you can explore, dream, and lose yourself in the things that bring you joy. We often find ourselves entangled in what we despise, but now is the time to devote more moments to what truly lights us up.

Our showcase is a collaboration with the brilliant minds behind Fíos, a collective of Galician designers who met during their studies and now translate their entanglements into functional creations that effortlessly blend contemporary art and design.

We hope this installation resonates with you just as much as it does with us.