Sebago at Moksín

Alright, buckle up for the Sebago experience! We've been holding back on this, and it's high time we spill the beans. Sebago's story is nothing short of fascinating, and every time someone pops into our store and asks about the brand, we make sure to share the magic that has us hooked.

Sebago, the American powerhouse, handcrafts limited edition models using top-notch materials, creating iconic shoes that have made waves worldwide. Think classic Castellano loafers, dapper lace-up dress shoes for men, and, of course, the timeless boat shoes. Since 1946, they've ensured each pair is a unique masterpiece, paying meticulous attention to detail and delivering a handcrafted experience that makes the wearer feel truly one-of-a-kind. The cherry on top? Their ability to stay true to their roots while seamlessly adapting to contemporary trends, injecting modern colors and materials into their catalog.

What we adore about Sebago is that they prove sometimes you don't need to diversify too much if you're exceptional at what you do. Stick to improving and updating, and success is a given. The quality, design, and craftsmanship of Sebago shoes have us absolutely obsessed.

Now that we've set the stage with this introduction, let's dive into what Sebago shoes and loafers we have in store for you.

For the ladies, the Sebago Dan Lug Studs is stealing the show this season. They've given their classic Dan loafer a trendy and laid-back biker twist, spicing it up with studs and a slightly chunkier sole. Introducing the Sebago Dan Lug Studs in black and white – where the white adds a dash of avant-garde flair, and the black keeps it neutral and versatile. The silver metal studs? Oh, they bring that contemporary metallic touch.



Now, for the gents, we've got three different styles under the Sebago Campsides collection. Sebago Campsides takes classic models, infuses a modern and relaxed vibe, and throws in a touch of utilitarian and outdoor essence without compromising quality and comfort.

First up, a classic silhouette gets a modern twist – the Sebago Acadia Brown Cinnamon boat shoe. Crafted in leather with a more robust sole than traditional ones, it blends retro style with a vintage touch while staying undeniably modern.

Next in line are the reinterpretations of Sebago Miwak and Sebago Makwa boat shoes. These names, inspired by common words used by Native American tribes, bring forth the campsite and outdoor vibe that Sebago Campsides champions. Similarities start with the Vibram anti-slip sole, resistant to slippery substances like oil. The outer material is the same high-quality brown suede, ensuring a polished finish. They both feature an adjustable fit with leather laces, adding that nautical essence with a nod to the original design. However, the Sebago Miwak model lifts slightly above the ankle, giving it a boot-like appearance. It also sports a brown leather stripe around the lower part of the design, almost mimicking a traditional wooden canoe shape, tapering towards the front. This aligns perfectly with the tribal naming narrative and the outdoor concept that Sebago Campsides embraces.




These Sebago gems and more are up for grabs on our website moksí and in our physical stores. Swing by, try them on, and let us guide you to your perfect pair. Got questions or need advice? Shoot us a message on Instagram @moksin_com or drop us a line at Catch you in the next blog post!