As we mentioned before, a few years ago, while strolling through London's charming Kensington neighborhood, we stumbled upon a small store with luxurious window displays. And right there, in that moment, we fell in love with an impressive pair of biker boots. They had that unique blend of simplicity and allure. With just a small exterior side zipper, exquisite craftsmanship, and a matte black leather finish, these boots spoke volumes about their quality.

Now, in this spring-summer season of 2018, Moksín offers you the opportunity to come to our stores and experience the touch and feel of Strategia's boots and sandals. We are confident that, just like us, you will be captivated by the designs and craftsmanship offered by one of Italy's finest footwear factories.

Here, we present two of the Strategia models that we already have in store:

The first one is a high-heeled boot that mimics a red lycra sock, with a subtle shine in the fabric's finish that varies with the light. The external part of the heel features red glitter, making this Strategia boot stand out on bright days and effortlessly elevate any outfit.

The second model is a mid-heeled boot with a metallic leather finish, brushed at the toe and heel to create a degradé effect from the original metallic tone, whether in burgundy or antique gold. Another distinguishing feature of this boot is the triangular cut-out on the side and its block heel, exuding a retro, edgy, and highly individualistic vibe this season. Plus, the ample interior space of the shoe ensures exceptional comfort.

We hope that these Strategia boots evoke the same sensation in you as they did in us the first time we laid eyes on the collection. We look forward to welcoming you to our store and hearing your thoughts.