SEIALE SHOES AND BOOTS Autumn Winter Collection 2019

In a new post, we're featuring the well-known brand, Seiale. At Moksín, we want to share a curated selection of Seiale shoes and boots with you. Most of you are already familiar with Seiale, a Spanish brand that crafts all its designs with the finest leathers and offers a wide variety. However, today's chosen styles are sure to become favorites for many of you. Don't miss out on the details!

Let's start with a Seiale lace-up shoe available in blue and maroon. It features a rubber sole in matching color and an incredibly comfortable fit. This lightweight, masculine-inspired design is perfect for effortlessly complementing your autumn-winter outfits.

If you prefer slip-ons but still love a masculine touch, we've got you covered with a two-tone Seiale shoe featuring a side buckle closure. Pay attention to the eye-catching black and white trim. With its higher, treaded rubber sole at the back, this shoe ensures optimal comfort.

Now, let's move on to Seiale boots. The first one combines different leathers and colors, featuring camel suede and brown patent leather with an inner zipper closure. Additionally, the slightly higher rubber sole at the back maximizes comfort. This casual-style Seiale boot will make you want to wear it every day.

To wrap it up, we present two options: a Seiale black boot with burgundy accents or a blue boot with a bicolor trim. Both options feature a treaded rubber sole that's lightweight and slightly higher at the back for maximum comfort.

Seiale is synonymous with quality and comfort in all its designs. You can explore the full Seiale collection by visiting our online store or one of our physical locations.