Igi&Co is an Italian brand of men’s and women’s shoes, which has the backing of one of the large Italian shoemaking groups: Imac. Therefore, although Igi&Co was born in 2002 its shoes have more than three decades of experience that support them and help them achieve the highest quality standards. Shoes, boots and booties of Igi&Co differs from the other shoes they design in the group by the importance the brand gives to technology in their manufacture. Igi&Co shoes are designed following "principles of the high-performance technical product".

All this blends with the latest trends in style and with the Italian taste, giving it a touch 'made in Italy' that makes the Igi&Co shoes stand out. The boots, booties and shoes are completely manufactured in Italy.

The Igi&Co shoes are perfect for any situation because are perfect match between sport and dress shoes. This means they are especially comfortable and perfect to wear throughout the day. In addition, they are perfect shoes for work, as they fit with office looks and at the same time allow to maintain the accelerated pace that often forces the day to day at work.

Igi&Co pay special attention in design and its shoes are light and flexible. In addition, its are highly breathable shoes, since Igi&Co chooses those skins that give the best results in this field. Some of its shoes are manufactured using Gore-Tex technology, which ensures that in addition to being breathable its are waterproof. Gore-Tex shoes are perfect for rainy days, as it don't allow water to enter.

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