Mou boots are one of the last obsessions of all those who go to the latest. In recent years Mou boots have starred many magazine cover and became one of the favourite rite boots of the famous. Also of  the smallest  girks. The reason for this growing interest in Mou boots is in the fact that they are amazing allies against the cold.

The Mou boots are made of sheepskin and feature a fleece lining that makes them perfect for cold days. They are very soft to the touch and very warm, which makes them wonderful against the winter cold, and they are designed to last for many years. The brand wants to make the way you wearing them a way to feel you integrated with nature. In addition, they seek to be the antidote so that children who feel fashionable without neglecting their well-being.

Mou was born in 2002 in London’s Portobello Road been an example of the most fashionable British design. The boots are made using materials with controlled origins, as they want to be environmentally friendly and being an ethical brand. In manufacture the brand uses traditional and artisanal techniques to ensure they get the most out of the skin and extract its natural beauty. 

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