If you are looking for indoor football shoes, Munich sneakers are one of the ones that are recommended first. Professional players of this sport value its quality in an exceptional way. But Munich shoes are not only good for playing futsal, but they are also a favourite e for those looking for a casual style. In recent years, Munich sneakers and trainers became a regular element in sport chic looks, one of fashion trends are uniting sportswear and footwear with more classic or trendy elements.

The brand was born in Barcelona in 1939, as a company specialising g in sports footwear design. From 1939 until now, Munich grew and changed a lot. The brand also designs shoes, trainers and sneakers Munich for boys and girls even for babies. All Munich sneakers are clear examples of streetwear fashion and its are easily recognisable e by the x that appears in each shoe and that is the symbol of the company.

To the traditional and sport models, special models are added each season that collect the trends of the moment and conforming the latest in fashion. These editions are special and change with each wardrobe change. Munich also launches on occasion special and limited editions associated with events or moments.

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