For a long time Vans was almost synonymous for skateboarding. Vans shoes were born in the 60s within that world and for those who practiced that sport. Vans shoes were a favourite  of skaters because their models were perfect for the his sport's practice. Today Vans are not only the favourite e shoes of skaters, but also the ones that most like those who have an urban style. Its simple designs and the abundance of colours in its catalog make them easy to combine and include in any urban look.

There are Vans shoes for women and men and for those looking for different types of models. The most popular, which became a staple of the wardrobe of fans of sneakers, are the sneakers Vans with black and white checkered print. Vans also launches special editions with different prints, such as flowers or ethnic prints.

Vans sneakers and shoes are not only sought after for its style and because they give the perfect finishing touch to an urban look, but its are also especially desired because its are very comfortable. They are the perfect item for those who want to go to the last without losing an iota in comfort.

Vans is also a brand committed to creativity from its birth, as demonstrated by the fact that its are linked to many musical, artistic or sports events. Its even have physical spaces in different cities around the world where you can see films, exhibitions or concerts or where there are incubators for artists. All these values have an echo in the shoes they sell.

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