Guest Seiale shoes collection

Finally, it's that time of the year again: wedding season is here, along with baptisms and communions! After two years of significantly fewer events (which also meant limited options for party sandals), we're back with an irresistible collection of shoes for wedding guests.

We have to admit, the Seiale party sandal collection for this spring-summer 2022 season is simply spectacular. We've got basic black sandals for guests, colorful platform sandals, elegant heels for godmothers, chic black evening sandals, and even velvet sandals. These sandals are versatile enough to be worn to your best friend's wedding or paired with jeans and a lovely blouse.

It's important to note that all Seiale sandals are meticulously handcrafted using premium leather in Spain, and you can truly feel the difference. The impeccable finishes, leather insoles, and covered buckles are just some of the details that set them apart.

Let's talk about our favorite: the Seiale sandals with high heels and platforms. The brand's signature color combinations are absolutely unique! Thanks to the front platform, these high-heeled sandals are remarkably comfortable. They're the perfect match for a pantsuit ensemble.

Now, let's not forget about the Venial sandals by Seiale, featuring a front platform and a wide heel that gives them a wedge-like appearance. With such excellent support, they provide outstanding stability and comfort. The ankle strap is adorned with sparkling details, making them the ideal choice for the bride's friends.

If you're in search of an elegant sandal with delicate straps, the Laño model by Seiale is just what you need. These metallic strap sandals look absolutely stunning when worn, and the square toe adds a trendy touch. The buckle closure is positioned slightly more centrally than usual, giving it a modern and youthful appeal.

Now, let's talk about sandals with unique and original heels. The Tocaio sandal by Seiale is a true showstopper. Its golden hollowed-out heel is simply breathtaking when viewed from the side. The slim black strap across the instep and the front knot embellished with rhinestones make this sandal perfect for formal events.

Another beautiful sandal with an exquisite heel is the Tolado model by Seiale. This elegant sandal with a cascade of pearls on the front is particularly suitable for the groom's or bride's sister. It's a captivating sandal that is sure to turn heads.

Essential for any party wardrobe, these ankle-strap party sandals are a must-have. With a wide metallic heel, they provide hours of comfort. The metallic tones make them versatile enough to be worn with any outfit, allowing you to reuse them without any hesitation. We're talking about the Seiale Lance model, a sandal for special occasions.

For those who love a touch of edginess, the black Lance sandal by Seiale with an ankle strap stands out with its unique rocker vibe, thanks to the studs adorning its heel.

If you prefer low-heeled party sandals, this is your season. In recent years, we've seen a rise in the popularity of comfortable sneakers and shoes, even for formal occasions. Women now demand comfortable sandals they can wear for hours at events and still repurpose afterward.

We offer several options for low-heeled black sandals that you can wear to a wedding with a beautiful printed dress and continue to enjoy in your everyday life. Pay attention to the geometric heels and the details on the front, as these details transform ordinary basic black sandals into something truly special.

Discover an array of stylish low-heeled black sandals that effortlessly transition from a beautiful printed dress at a wedding to your everyday wardrobe. Pay close attention to the striking geometric heels and intricate front details that transform these basic black sandals into something extraordinary.

What are your thoughts on the Seiale Arnal gray velvet sandal? This stunning low-heeled masterpiece is crafted from luxurious velvet, making it a true gem. Its original design and versatile color make it the perfect companion for an evening wedding. Additionally, we offer a black velvet sandal with a low heel - the Seiale Arnal black model, which is sure to captivate you.

For those seeking elegance and sophistication, look no further than the Seiale Sarta leather mule with a low heel. This simple yet stylish sandal boasts a gradient heel that effortlessly steals the spotlight. Available in three colors with combined heels.

Are you in search of wedding godmother shoes? Choosing the perfect footwear for such a special occasion is essential to ensure you look flawless on that day. It's crucial that your shoes are both comfortable and elegant. At Moksín, we offer an extensive selection of shoes and sandals for this momentous day.

The silver and gold open-back shoes from Seiale, known as the Horta model, are truly exquisite. Crafted with metallic mesh and mirror-finished leather, adorned with a beautiful strip of shimmering details on the vamp. Featuring a slender heel and a buckle closure, these shoes are perfect for being the ideal guest.

Another elegant option you'll find at our store is the Seiale Home model. It stands out with its embellishment of stones that border the foot. Available in three colors that will effortlessly complement your chosen attire.

Seiale Sequía open-back shoe with a slender heel is a marvel. We adore the transparent mesh that allows the foot to be seen, along with the large buckle adorning the front. This original high-heeled shoe will look fabulous even with jeans after the big day.

And for those who prefer or need to forgo heels, fear not! There are options for you too.

Event protocols have relaxed over the years, allowing for more freedom in attire. If you don't wish to wear sky-high heels, there are plenty of beautiful and stylish flat shoes for guests.

We're smitten with this low version of the Horta model. This flat open-back dress shoe exudes elegance and versatility. It pairs beautifully with a skirt or satin dress in any color.

For a basic yet special touch, the Seiale Sela model is a flat open-back shoe with quilted stitching that mimics padding.

For more casual events, consider a flat sandal with a front chain detail. This embellishment elevates a basic model to a more refined style.

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