Seiale spring/summer sandals and shoes

Taking advantage of the pleasant temperatures that accompany us during this spring season, Moksin is excited to introduce you to the urban section of Seiale sandals and shoes.

Let's start with the Isto leather moccasin from Seiale. This moccasin is incredibly comfortable and provides excellent foot support with its elastic back. If you have narrow feet, this moccasin is perfect for you. The matte chain in the same color as the moccasin adds a delightful touch.

Next up is a wardrobe essential for any fashion lover: ballet flats. Ballet flats never go out of style, they effortlessly complement any outfit, and they are comfortable and easy to slip on. It's no wonder they are a staple in the admired wardrobes of the French. The Hoste ballet flats from Seiale are made of suede and feature a round toe and the classic bow that represents this timeless style.

Another star shoe trend for this spring-summer 2022 season is clogs. Available in various versions with numerous finishes and details, but undoubtedly, clogs with wooden soles are stealing the show. The Seiale Froco clogs with wooden soles have been a major success this season. They provide good foot support and feature a comfortable leather sole. Please note that they run small, so we recommend choosing a size larger than your usual size.

Now, let's shift our focus to sandals, the true protagonists of the season. At Moksin, we offer a wide variety of sandal styles, but in this post, we'll specifically highlight Seiale sandals.

Flatform sandals are one of the hottest trends this season. We're talking about flat sandals with a platform that adds a few centimeters in height—a perfect substitute for heels, as they provide extra height while ensuring comfort.

The Seiale Feira flatform flip-flop, crafted in black leather, and the Seiale Felgo sandals, available in white and black leather, are excellent options for this trend. The platform is lightweight, allowing you to wear them comfortably all day long.

If you prefer platform sandals with ankle straps, the Favo model is ideal. It embraces the flatform trend, feels lightweight, and is made of high-quality leather. We absolutely adore ankle strap sandals for their flattering look.

For the perfect summer sandals, look no further than espadrille sandals. They exude a delightful Mediterranean vibe and pair beautifully with fresh and relaxed outfits. In particular, the Seiale Frete sandal is an ideal choice with its secure and stable fit provided by the rope detailing.

A tried-and-true style that consistently delivers excellent results is a sandal with an ergonomic, wide, and comfortable sole. When combined with a contemporary aesthetic, it becomes the perfect combination. The Ferreo strap sandal from Seiale looks fantastic on the foot. Give it a try, and you won't regret it.

An essential wardrobe sandal that we've been repeating for several years is the Azo flat strap sandal from Seiale. This leather sandal is a versatile basic that goes well with everything. Three straps hold the foot in place on a soft leather insole. If you're looking for a timeless leather sandal, this is the one.

The Cuncha leather sandal from Seiale follows a similar structure as the previous model but features two straps instead of three.

For a sandal that offers comfort during the day and sophistication at night, the Verza model from Seiale is the perfect choice. Made of leather, the twisted design adds a visually appealing element. They pair perfectly with flowy summer dresses.

If you want to explore and purchase leather summer sandals, we recommend checking out the Seiale highlights on our website at You'll find a wide range of sandals with excellent quality and affordable prices. We still have a few sizes left for beautiful and comfortable summer sandals on sale.

Once again, Seiale presents a collection that is both current and on-trend, featuring models that embody the reigning trends of each season, as well as timeless styles made with the finest materials. Shop Seiale sandals on our online store at or visit our physical stores. We can't wait to see you there!