Paradise: closer than we might think.

In our quest for paradise, we often overlook the fact that it may be closer than we think. Sometimes, all it takes is opening our eyes and looking around to discover the magnificent havens that lie within reach. It could be a place, a person, or even a fleeting sensation. One thing is certain: Galicia is brimming with such treasures.

Allow us to introduce you to Andrea, an islander whose heart is captivated by the enchantment of her home. We couldn't resist the opportunity to delve into her stories and share them with you. Thus, we embarked on a journey to bring you her captivating tales through a creative project she aptly named "La Platanera." Brace yourselves, for we will unveil new adventures periodically, transporting you to the captivating world Andrea holds dear.

With each installment, you'll be immersed in the essence of Galicia, discovering its hidden wonders and unraveling the captivating narrative woven by Andrea's island-inspired spirit. These stories are a testament to the beauty that surrounds us, reminding us that paradise can be found in the most unexpected places.

So, join us as we embark on this voyage of discovery, and let the magic of Galicia's hidden gems ignite your imagination.

 nº1 - A ABILLEIRA -

Sentábanse a tomar o sol pola tardiña. Pegados ás paredes das primeiras casa da Illa, agora trociños de seixos. Amacetados nas súas cadeiras feitas de anacos de barcos, nasas e cadeiras de salón. Os bos días, os saúdos de cachola, os sorrisos de nenos, a xuntanza porque si. En fila, xiraban para a esquerda ou a dereita a cara segundo quen falase. Pero a maioría do tempo miraban cara ó mar e as dornas que alí repousaban. Se vas por alí non apures as horas de sol, xa que non os encontrarás.


he paradisiacal stories showcased here would not have been possible without the collaboration of Andrea Fernández, also known as La Platanera. This Caribbean-inspired project is situated on an Atlantic island and gives birth to works of design, screen printing, video, and, of course, these captivating tales.


Paradisiacal Pieces and Stories: La Platanera

Furniture Production: Kico Mobiliario

Art Direction: Ariadana Castells

Creative Direction and Concept: Tino Barreiro