Discover the Nemonic brand, a fashion-forward footwear choice that caught the attention of many thanks to popular actress Paula Echevarría. Paula's impeccable style always sparks interest and influences fashion enthusiasts, leading many to wonder about the brand she wears. Those who are in the know and always stay ahead in the world of shoes immediately recognized Nemonic as the brand behind those stunning boots and already had them in their wardrobe.

Nemonic boots are the go-to models for fashionistas, offering versatility for various looks and occasions. Each season, Nemonic introduces fringe-heeled boots that have become timeless classics, embodying everything the brand stands for.

In essence, Nemonic shoes are fabulous. This brand, backed by a small family-owned company from Yecla, Murcia, seamlessly combines design and quality materials to deliver season after season of collections that are proudly "Made in Spain." These shoes are perfect for staying on-trend, as they offer comfort, excellent fit, and are suitable for everyday wear. With their boho-chic flair, Nemonic shoes are ideal for modern looks and add the perfect finishing touch to any seasonal outfit. That's why Nemonic's shoes, sneakers, and boots perfectly align with the latest trends of the spring-summer season.

Cropped jeans have been a topic of discussion for several months, and they remain a must-have in your wardrobe for spring-summer 2016. In the coming months, cropped jeans will shine as one of the season's stars. The key this season lies not so much in the length—whether it reaches the ankle, mid-calf, or culotte style—but rather in the distressed hem. Whether you create the frayed effect with scissors or purchase them pre-distressed, the goal is to achieve a stylishly undone look. Additionally, opt for high-waisted and straight styles to stay on-trend.

The best thing about cropped jeans is their compatibility with nearly any type of shoe, and shoes play a pivotal role in perfecting your look. Pairing them with heels creates a suitable office outfit, while flats and sneakers offer a comfortable and casual look for everyday wear. By opting for ankle boots, you can create a cohesive look where the footwear seamlessly extends from the pants. To take it a step further and achieve a 100% boho-chic look, add Nemonic's high-top sneakers. This sporty boho-chic style opens up endless possibilities for creating captivating ensembles.

Another major trend for spring is prints, although it may be a trend that not everyone feels comfortable experimenting with. Prints can be intimidating, much like lace dresses, which are also significant trends this season. However, starting with printed shoes is a foolproof way to incorporate this trend without hesitation. The Nemonic 1950 boot model boasts a Hindustani-style fabric on the upper part, making it the perfect choice for embarking on your first adventure into the world of prints.

In recent years, it has become evident that exploring your grandmother's treasure trove is the best way to predict upcoming trends because retro is making a comeback. Vintage inspiration now extends beyond fashion from two, three, or even five decades ago, reaching back to Victorian England to stay at the forefront of the latest fashion. The demure Victorian ladies serve as the ultimate fashion inspiration, and their modest and floral dresses will make a strong impact in the spring with the rise of neo-Victorian dresses. Fashion magazines unanimously agree that the best way to wear them without appearing like a lady from the past is to pair them with modern shoes. Bohemian ankle boots are one of the top choices for adding a rebellious touch to the look. These fringe-adorned Western-style boots will perfectly balance the "perfect lady" quotient of neo-Victorian dresses.