This spring/summer, as every year around this time, we know that the sometimes endless search for the perfect shoe or sandal for your outfit begins. Today, we're here to give you a few ideas. Hopefully, some of them can help you navigate this vast world of models and colors ;)

At Moksín, we present different heights of sandals and easy-to-match colors for your various summer events. This year's shoe and sandal trends feature many mirrored leathers. This simple finish will help transform monochromatic sandals with a minimal design into the center of attention. Even those of you who are convinced flat-outfit lovers can achieve the same leg-lengthening effect as those in heels.

For this occasion, we have chosen Schutz sandals to provide you with different options and heights. Let's start with Schutz's Juliana model, a high-heeled sandal featuring a geometric pattern along the entire vamp, extending to the front part of the ankle. This design makes your legs appear longer when wearing these sandals. As we mentioned before, you can see that the platinum and silver colors with a mirrored finish make them versatile and easy to combine with any dress color. In the black version, the mirrored leather is replaced with black suede, adding elegance and making it suitable for different times of the day.

For those who don't like heels or prefer flats, in the following photos, you can see the flat version in platinum mirror and silver mirror of the previous model.

Another sandal that is easy to match is the one we present next, featuring glitter fabric applied along all the straps. It is a high-heeled sandal, similar to Juliana, but its simpler design enhances both the sandal and the leg once they are worn. This is the type of model that you have to try on to see the full effect because it's even more impressive. The flat version, like the high model, has double buckles, with the second one fastened at the upper part of the ankle to create a beautiful and elongated leg, just like the previous models.

Lastly, we present the option of a mid-heel for those who want to be comfortable without sacrificing some height. The Schutz sandal we're introducing has thin straps, making it a simple model where the material takes center stage, whether it's black patent leather in the black version or glitter fabric in the other version. It's worth mentioning that depending on the light, this type of fabric produces different colors, allowing you to pair it with any dress color you like. The thin straps of this sandal enhance and elongate the foot.

We hope you liked these Schutz models as much as we do, as well as the materials, and that you find them truly easy to match with your look.Discover the entire Schutz collection here.See you at any of our stores. Choose your favorite one!