As we welcome the arrival of warmer weather, we also embrace the beginning of terrace and park season. Gone are the days of staying indoors, waiting for the rain to stop, or rushing from one place to another in our waterproof boots to avoid getting wet. With the spring and summer season upon us, we can leisurely stroll, bask in the sun, indulge in a good book on the grass, or enjoy a delightful picnic.

Santiago is one of those cities that offers the perfect setting for such outdoor activities. With an abundance of green spaces, it has gained recognition for its remarkable urban planning and commitment to creating a thriving green environment. While visitors may not be particularly interested in the fact that there are over 24 square meters of green space per inhabitant, they certainly appreciate the opportunity to revel in these verdant areas. All one needs to do is put on their favorite or most suitable pair of shoes for the chosen park and embark on a leisurely walk to their destination.

Parque de la Alameda

Santiago boasts several parks, making it quite a challenge to pick just one for an enjoyable afternoon outing. However, the Alameda Park consistently features on every list of must-visit parks in the city due to its classic charm. Many locals have fond childhood memories of playing on the swings or feeding the ducks in this park. As adults, we can combine our visit to the park with the perfect pair of shoes that complement its unique aesthetic. The Alameda Park exudes a vintage vibe, both in its layout and character. It is the oldest park in the city and served as a popular promenade for the people of Santiago in bygone eras. Opting for a retro-inspired sneaker or a sporty yet elegant Camper shoe would be an excellent choice to make a stylish statement while strolling through the Alameda Park. Furthermore, nowadays, visitors can freely explore all areas of the park, unlike in the past when each section was designated for a specific social class.

Belvís Park

With its romantic maze and location on former cultivated farmland within the city, Belvís Park offers a unique allure. It has become a trendy destination for those seeking to be part of the cool crowd, thanks to its vibrant atmosphere. There are plenty of reasons to love Belvís Park, as it hosts festivals and even fair-trade markets. To match its modern appeal, you can bring out a colorful pair of Diadora sneakers or a sporty shoe from Paul Smith to complete your stylish look at Belvís Park.

Bonaval Park

No need to swap your modern shoes when visiting Bonaval Park, as they would seamlessly fit in this park, which is likely the favorite among tourists exploring Santiago. Once a city cemetery, it has been transformed into a modern-designed park (with memories of the debate about its initially absent trash bins). Erasmus students, hipsters, and families with children happily coexist in Bonaval Park. This park is ideal for a delightful picnic experience. You can opt for elegant two-tone sneakers or the surprising bronze-trimmed Kennel&Schmenger sneakers to enjoy a leisurely time in the park before rounding off your day with a touch of culture at the latest exhibition at CGAC.

Monte Pedroso Park

Monte Pedroso is no longer just known for its television antenna; it has become one of the city's largest parks. It offers the perfect setting for a relaxing day and a long stroll. Opt for comfortable footwear, such as Paul Smith sneakers or Munich sneakers, allowing you to enjoy the park's vastness and tranquility to the fullest.