Have you discovered the stories that our shop window holds? What are you waiting for? Since the beginning of this season, in collaboration with Andrea from La Platanera, we have been sharing small tales and pieces that recount the stories of a paradisiacal Galician island. Don't miss out on them. Here are the first three stories and their accompanying photos.

A Abilleira (The Seashells)

They used to sit in the sun during the evenings, leaning against the walls of the first houses on the island, now fragments of pebbles. Perched on their chairs made from bits of boats, lobster pots, and salon chairs. Greetings in the morning, children's smiles, gatherings just because. In a line, they turned their faces left or right depending on who was speaking. But most of the time, they gazed towards the sea and the fishing boats resting there. If you pass by, don't rush through the sunny hours, for you won't find them.

Muller Paraugas (Woman with an Umbrella)

This island has always been windy, battered by storms and rain. But here, the women are anchored to the land. They step firmly, sinking their footprints into the sand. Inma ventures into the sea, half mermaid. Inma, in the form of a rock, submerges into the beach, piercing time with her fingers. Like all the dry ones. Rain or wind, it doesn't matter.

Meu amor é mariñeiro (My Love is a Sailor)

Flora opened the windows to sing. Always with perfectly groomed hair, her voice like a bird's. Andrés was a sailor and loved the sea. Together, they sailed around the island in their fishing boat. For a while, Andrés sailed away to Germany, sending postcards with beautiful handwriting, those deliberate strokes that never separate the pencil from the paper. Flora sang, "My love is a sailor," and the notes lingered in her hair, sailing like Andrés in their fishing boat.Take a look at the accompanying photos and immerse yourself in these captivating tales.