There are certain realities that work as universal elements that every mother makes her children experience and that end up becoming a constant in childhood, even if you only manage to understand them when you reach adulthood. A few of these things came in September, just as back to school was starting. One of them was that of buying the school smock not exactly the right size, but a little bigger for when you grow up. Another was that it mattered little which shoes we really liked out of all the ones in the store, since mothers always bought the ones that fell into the category of classics. And the last one was that, among the things to buy in September, there were some basics: the little coat and shoes for something mysteriously called entretiempo.

No scientist needs to appear to indicate that we are at the epicenter of that between seasons that only mothers seemed to know and that it is advisable to adapt the closet to the specific needs of the moment. Despite the fact that, once we reach adulthood, we no longer need a mother to buy a coat or shoes for between seasons and we can buy what we really want, it never hurts to have a few tips before choosing those shoes that we will wear until the harsh winter arrives.

1. Back to school is not only for children

The year doesn't just start in January, and you could say that it also starts in September. After the vacations, it's time to go back to the office and renew the closet. Just like when you were a child and had to buy new shoes for school, going back to the office is the perfect excuse to go shopping.

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2. Mothers were right (as always)

Although when you're a kid you don't understand your mom's buying decisions, especially when the basic shoes she chose weren't the 'cool' shoes you wanted, the truth is that opting for basics is a very wise choice, especially when they reinvent themselves with the season.

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3. The good thing about halftime is that it is still sunny and there are good days.

The good thing about the in-between season is that it is a border time. It is the end of the weather that marks (in this case the good weather of summer) and the beginning of the weather that arrives (the cold and rain). There will be not only bad days, but also great, sunny days when the sun is shining. Therefore, it is a good idea to get some sneakers and go for a walk to take advantage of the last rays of sunshine.

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4. But it can also surprise us with a wintry and rainy day.

As we said, the mid-season is unpredictable. It can be sunny, but it can also rain or we can wake up to freezing temperatures. To survive these harsher days, a good pair of ankle boots is a good choice for your closet.

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