Blundstone, Blundstone boots and Blundstone ankle boots date back to the 1840s when a family-owned company began manufacturing work boots years after acquiring the company in 1832. Although the Blundstone brand begins in these years it is not until 1870 when the legendary Australian Blundstone boots begin to be recognized for being work boots.

The most iconic Blundstone boot or booty is the "chelsea" with elastic, still taking so many years in the market. Its aesthetic evolution has almost not undergone changes, however the development and research over time if it has influenced its comfort and its manufacturing finishes.

The main features of the Blundstone boots nowadays its V-cut on top reducing contact with the seams, a template with PORON in heel for greater protection from shocks, and removable insole to ensure maximum comfort. The midsole and outsole have a high resistance to hydrolysis and microbes's attack. The Blundstone boots is also resistant to oil, acid and organic fat in addition to withstand the 140 degrees of temperature. And already one of the last features that Blundstone boots have achieved over the years are its lightness and ergonomic construction to reduce fatigue.

In short, the Blundstone boots are the most complete boots and booties.

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