What makes Puro Secret sneakers, boots, booties and ankle boots special is not only its quality or its exceptional design but also that they are emotional shoes. The Puro Secret shoes look for an emotional response in those who wear them, so much so that their designers never included a design in the final collection if this does not generate emotions, however beautiful or very trendy those shoes might be. The Puro Secret's booties, boots and sneakers are works of art, or that is their philosophy, so they have to touch us beyond the first contact.

Behind Puro Secret there is an Austrian couple, who has worked for decades in the fashion's world and who decided to use their expertise to create a different shoe brand. Puro Secret has been processed very carefully: between the time they made the first designs and when they made the first shoes, 10 years had passed, as they wanted to be sure that what they were doing was really what they were looking for.

All of Puro Secret's shoes are designed thinking of the modern woman, who get everything they propose, and looking for something special with which to put the end to her outfit. In addition to responding to the needs of modern women, Puro Secret shoes also try to respond to the needs of the world around them. They are handmade by master experts in different workshops, using premium leather and making it with respect to natural resources.

Puro Secret has boots, booties or sneakers for women and you can discover it by taking a look at the shoes of Puro Secret in our online store.

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