The Valsport sneaker brand was founded by Antonio Valle in 1920 and is characterized by the care that goes into each design of the brand.

It has a strong Italian personality. For over 100 years they have been working on the design of their shoes, which were born in small workshops in Italy, based in Padua, and in the 70s became an icon of sport, being the official brand of the Juventus club.

Valsport works in the same way of working as in the beginning. Its products are handmade in its small workshops and today it is a benchmark for fashion, technology and avant-garde in Italy and abroad.

They select exactly the ideal materials for each Valsport sneakers, whether for men or women. Their workmanship is defined as purely artisanal, they take care of every product that goes on sale down to the most delicate detail. From the heart of Italy, respecting their own raw materials and guaranteeing high quality products.

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