Veja is the brand of the moment because among other things, veja shoes stand out because part of their products are vegan and committed to the environment. Its designs have seal of "Animal Free". Veja sports shoes also have a production in decent conditions, Veja does not neglect any process through which they pass their shoes. So Veja sneakers are a safe bet.

Veja shoes replace the skin in the manufacture of their sports shoes, for them materials that do not respect the environment are not an option.

Some Veja are made with a material of biological's origin called CWL, and it is composed of corn residues from the food industry. It’s an alternative to skin. In some of its sneakers Veja also bets on manufacturing with a fabric making from recycled plastic bottles.

From Moksin we approach the Veja Shoes that are nothing more than a symbol of the era we are living!

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