Today in Moksín we want to start the fall winter season talking about Blundstone boots, surely if you follow us for a while you already know part of this collection because the brand has been with us for several seasons. Anyway, whether you know the brand or not, in this post you will discover everything about Blundsonte, keep reading!

The history of the brand dates back to 1870 in Tasmania, Australia, where they were created as sturdy and comfortable boots for city workers. You could say that Blundstone boots are to Australia what Dr. Martens boots are to England. Popularized by policemen, farmers, military... they have reached our days with renewed designs but with the same quality of 150 years ago.

The TPU soles provide traction and stability throughout the day, and are created with XRD technology that reduces heel fatigue by absorbing 90% of the impacts generated by walking. Interesting, isn't it? The 2.5 mm leather is water resistant, take them with you on your outings, they are perfect for both city and country!

Pay attention to Blundstone's special edition model for its 150th anniversary, made in a beautiful tan leather. The brand's classic pull tabs are embroidered with the 150 years motto on a gold background. Inside the boot we find a thick bronze leather lining printed with the logo of this edition. A warm and comfortable boot, with the superior quality that the brand always offers and with the special details of a limited edition.

If you like it, don't think about it and get it before they run out, they won't come back!

Here you can see all the Blundstone models we have, worn finishes, low heels and even a thermal model for the coldest ones. No doubt Blundstone has become popular and rightly so, their good results speak for themselves ... after 150 years making them it could not be otherwise.