Today at Moksín we want to talk to you about one of the most anticipated brands in our stores every autumn-winter: Mou boots and ankle boots. For those of you who don't know us, we can tell you that we have been working with Mou natural fur boots for many years. There are many loyal customers who repeat each season and many others who fall in love as soon as they try them on. If you are looking for a comfortable and warm natural hair boot, Mou is your brand.

In this post we are going to make a presentation of the new Mou boots and ankle boots for the autumn winter 2022 season. We have made a selection of basics and novelties so that you are the first to show off the latest trends from one of the most recognized brands in the sector. of footwear.

Mou (which means soft to the touch in French) was born in 2002 in the heart of London with the clear objective of offering soft, warm and resistant boots with luxurious finishes and following the trends. Almost 20 years later we can affirm that they have more than succeeded. Mou boots are quality and durable. The opinions of our happy clients endorse us.

You can easily recognize Mou boots thanks to the thick wool stitching on the front. They also offer a wide catalog of models, shaft heights, colors and wedges. The combinations of this season's Mou ankle boots are on another level, keep reading and discover them!

We start with the basic model. The MOU ESKIMO INNER WEDGE SHORT boot. Made with soft double-sided sheepskin. As in all Mou boots, the wool in the seams is sewn by hand and the sole is made of EVA rubber, a resistant and durable material. The hidden wedge is 5 cm, a very comfortable height for your day to day. We assure you that it is a height in which you will not notice that you are wearing a heel. Thanks to the soft internal hair, the foot is very padded and you can wear them for hours avoiding the feeling of tired feet due to the heel. Mou boots and ankle boots are lined with extremely soft natural fur, a material that preserves the heat of the foot without making you sweat. In fact, many people wear them without socks! It is that when the footwear is well made it shows.

At Moksín you can buy Mou boots with an internal wedge in solid colors such as camel or black, perfect for your wardrobe. The Mou ESKIMO INNER WEDGE SHORT STONE METALLIC boot is one of the best sellers every year. Its metallic gold color is highly combinable and adds elegance to any of your warmest looks.

Within the same height, the brand offers us more elaborate models such as this beautiful MOU ESKIMO INNER WEDGE LASERED STARS&MICROSTUDS ELGRY. In a beautiful elephant gray color decorated with small golden studs and laser cut stars. This color is neutral and easy to combine. With this same drawing we have a Mou french toe that you can discover if you continue reading our post.

Do you feel like changing your black Mou boots for different ones? We offer you this beautiful model in black with the blade covered in silver and gold glitter. Wear these MOU ESKIMO INNER WEDGE HERRINBONE HOTFIX BLACK with a total black look with a leather jacket. A total rock star!

Now we present one of our favorite Mou boots from this campaign. The MOU INNER WEDGE FRONT HEART PATCH DUTOB are a gift for the eyes and feet. Undoubtedly what stands out the most is the beautiful central heart surrounded by beautiful colored stones. The fur trim finishes off the ensemble. A different and combinable Mou boot with an internal wedge. It is made of metallic copper leather, a color that is easy to combine with tans and blacks. You will not get tired of wearing it, the special footwear can be worn for many seasons without getting bored.

If you prefer a slightly higher shaft, we can offer you, among other models, the Mou ESKIMO INNER WEDGE TALL boots. A very flattering model that covers the leg a little more. We have a black high-top Mou and a taupe high-top Mou with gray trim. Do not miss it!

Another model of Mou boots that is increasingly in demand are the MOU FRENCH TOE WEDGE boots. These Mou boots have a higher and narrower wedge than the classic model. They are about seven cm high and are also made of leather and lined with soft natural sheep hair. Mou French toe boots are very stylized and elegant. They look very pretty on the leg and look great with skirts and pants.

We tell you about the different models of Mou french toe wedge that we have for you.

You can buy MOU FRENCH TOE WEDGE SHORT boots in black and in a beautiful metallic champagne color. This model has a short cane that is very flattering for short girls.

With the same height we offer you two beautiful Mou boots with a star design. The first combines golden micro-studs with laser cuts throughout the boot. We are talking about MOU FRENCH TOE LASER STAR AND STUDS ELGRY. We showed you this same design before in a Mou inner wedge short. Remember? Tell us which one you like best.

In a darker gray embroidered with gray wool stars combined with the beading that surrounds the vamp, we have the beautiful MOU FRENCH TOE WOOL STARS CHARCOAL boot.

If you have a high cane and heel, we also have an option for you. The MOU FRENCH TOE WEDGE TALL boots favor taller girls, the cane stays close to the leg and the height of the wedge stylizes. Available in black and taupe with gray wool piping.

A comfortable, original and, above all, very warm model is the MOU ESKIMO 40. We are talking about Mou boots made of natural fur, with a high shaft and no wedge. Available in three very easy-to-match colours: metallic black, vanilla and camel.

The MOU ESKIMO 40 RHINESTONE LOGO tall boot in metallic black is a must have. Look at the glitter logo on the back, a top detail!

Another of our favorites is the MOU ESKIMO 40 VAN boot made in a beautiful vanilla-colored leather. A Mou boot with a high shaft and no wedge with a color that is super easy to combine and that looks beautiful on colder days accompanied by a light-colored puffer jacket or with a wide wool sweater.

Also without a wedge but with a lower shaft of 24cm we have two very comfortable options: white leather and black leather with white wool piping.

The MOU ESKIMO 24 WHITE RHINESTONES LOGO flat boot is wonderful. The shiny logo elevates this white leather design with hand-stitched wool piping.

What do you think of the MOU ESKIMO 24 WITH CROSS STITCH boot? Made of pearly leather with a beautiful white staff. A very special combination with the classic black and white as the protagonist.

If you want to buy black MOU ESKIMO 18 ankle boots online on our website you have the option. Made of leather with a mother-of-pearl finish and finished with hand-stitched wool, also in black. A winter must-have.

The MOU ESKIMO 18 WITH RHINESTONES LOGO DUTOB in bronze with beige wool is also a great option. Perfect for your winter trips.

What do you think of our proposals for Mou boots and ankle boots? This campaign is sweeping! Remember that you can buy Mou boots in Santiago de Compostela at our store in Montero Ríos. We will be happy to help you choose the one that best suits you.

Now we want to introduce you to some super strong and daring Mou models. As many of you already know, sports shoes have come to stay. Fashion has a clear trend towards comfort. And talking about Mou is talking about fashion. Last year we already saw hints of Mou ankle boots with sports soles and this year we have a wide variety to offer you.

Stay to discover them.

We start with this Mou sneaker in a metallic copper color. The MOU ESKIMO SNEAKER BOLD DUTOB boot is a low-cut model with no wedge. It has a very resistant and comfortable white rubber sole. The MOU SNEAKER BOLD GLITTER LOGO VANILLA ankle boot stands out for the fantastic embossed logo on the back.

What about this wonderful white MOU CHUNKY SNEAKER boot? With a very clear Eskimo inspiration thanks to the lacing that covers the upper. Notice the embroidered wool on the back and top. The front rubber reinforcement makes this chunky Mou boot a strong and resistant model, perfect for a harsh winter.

For the second winter in a row and after the fantastic reception it had last year, we once again have the MOU CHUNKY ESKIMO SNEAKER BIG LOGO CBKG boot. Made of black pearly leather and with a black track sole perfect for walking around the city. This Mou ankle boot with a sports sole will accompany you on your cold days so that your feet don't get cold at all.

We love this MOU CHUNKY CHELSEA TALL boot. It follows the fashion of boots with side elastics and is lined with natural sheep hair and has a light and comfortable platform. Very elegant thanks to its monochrome finish but very functional for long winter days. A Mou boot with side elastics to take into account!

We arrived at the crown jewels of Mou. Bold, fun, original... they are an opportunity to escape from the black shoes that we all have in our closet. Dare to buy printed Mou boots, you will not regret it!

What a fantasy is this MOU ESKIMO TRAINER TEXAN EMBROID ELGRY ankle boot. The country spirit reinvented. The fine black and white stitching is very elegant and the small gold and black stones finish off the whole perfectly. The base color is very easy to combine. If you are a lover of jackets, we believe this original Mou boot will look great on you.

We move on to another of the most special Mou boots from our particular collection. The MOU ESKIMO TRAINER TARTAN FLOWER BEADS&WOOL boot. The wonderful design work that the Mou team offers us is obvious. On a tartan fabric base in maroon, black, beige we can find wool flowers with different layers and colors topped with small colored stones. More is more!

If you are looking for something more discreet but with the same sporty sole, we have two options for you. The MOU ESKIMO JOGGER GLITTER LOGO ankle boots. Maintaining the idea of comfort and fashion, also lined with wonderful natural sheep hair and with the Mou stitching so characteristic of the brand. Note the embossed logo on the back with a glossy finish. This year Mou has innovated with the rear logos by adding stones and glitter.

We love this leopard print Mou ankle boot. The mou CHUNKY ESKIMO SNEAKER BIG LOGO SMCHT boot is amazing. Comfortable and light sole with a pattern that is very easy to combine with black or brown. Some Mou animal print that will not go unnoticed.

And we leave these Mou clogs for last that we love because they are very different and stylish. If you wear these clogs it is clear that you like fashion. We like them with a wool sock and since natural hair is thermoregulatory you can wear them without anything when the temperatures are not so cold. Dare with a piece that will completely change your look. With jeans and a simple black jacket these clogs will elevate your look to the maximum power.

We have two options:

The MOU WINTER BIO SLIDE BIG LETTER LOGO clog in white with the logo on the instep. An option with a very elegant color.

The MOU WINTER BIO SLIDE LONG HAIR PONY SKIN clog with pony hair in black and tan tones. A true wonder in your shoe cabinet.

As you can see, we have brought you a wide selection of Mou boots and ankle boots for you. Are Mou boots worth it? Our answer is yes. Completely. Mou boots are durable and resistant if you take good care of them. The hair of Mou boots is natural, much more durable and healthy than synthetic hair. They maintain the natural temperature of the foot and breathe perfectly. Buying Mou boots is an investment that you will not regret. You can be warm and comfortable without losing style.

Take a look at our website to see all the models we have for women and for the little ones in the house. You can buy Mou boots online with total comfort and safety at

May the cold of this winter catch you prepared!