As promised, we bring you the long-awaited Spring/Summer collection by Chiara Ferragni here at Moksín. True to her distinctive style, Chiara Ferragni's shoes once again shine with their glittering materials, and we have curated a selection of different options for you to enjoy this season. Chiara Ferragni's signature logo—a captivating eye and eyelid—is present in all her designs, representing her unique brand identity. Now, let us showcase some of the remarkable Chiara Ferragni designs, with the hope that they will captivate you just as they have enchanted us.The first model we present is a slip-on with a creeper sole, crafted entirely in silver glitter. As with all of Chiara Ferragni's designs, her logo takes center stage, accompanied by the message "I see you" in yellow. Undoubtedly, this slip-on by Chiara Ferragni is all you need to stay on-trend this summer.

Now, let's talk about Chiara Ferragni flip-flops here at Moksín. Crafted from rubber and featuring the iconic eye and eyelid on the strap, they are undoubtedly the best choice for your summer outfits. For those who follow the latest trends, Chiara Ferragni flip-flops are the most coveted style from the world's most famous Instagrammer.

Lastly, we present a silver glitter slipper, a basic yet distinctive model that sets itself apart with its carefully chosen materials. Just like the previous versions, the eye and eyelid steal all the attention, complemented by the sparkling glitter and the unmistakable light blue lining. It's an option for those who prefer a more laid-back style while still seeking a unique shoe.

Discover the full spring/summer Chiara Ferragni's collection