Cineuropa is a film festival that is held year after year in Santiago de Compostela. So much so, that this is already its 37th edition. Its main objective when they created this initiative was to place the cinema in the privileged place it deserves, although over the years joined this speech the need to consume film in person, so that the custom is not lost due to reasons such as the emergence of new digital platforms.

Cineuropa is also a door that opens annually to invite you to discover new artists working to position themselves in the world of cinema, artists from here and there, better known and totally unknown. In order not to leave in the shadows any of the people who work to make sense of all the stories we see on our screens.

That's why Cineuropa offers you a selection of Galician, European and international films, as well as talks with industry workers and various cultural events, rounding off the experience.

Cineuropa is also an exchange, through which you give and receive. Through the screening of each of the films, you will be placed in a context, a time or a place that you will understand from your cultural perspective, but which will open your eyes to different possibilities and make you reflect on other realities.The exchange is also reflected in the opportunity to share the experience with other people, leaving the comfort zone of streaming platforms.

The current audiovisual landscape is very rich and diverse, in which it is easy to appreciate details that transcend the script or the main actors. We can identify a director by the range of colors, a costume designer and we value the lighting or sound in the scenes.

This edition of the festival vindicates comedy, as well as the capacity of cinema to transport us to a different, crazier world. This is reflected in the slogan chosen for this year, describing it as a "tola, tola, tola..." edition. To make all this possible, they count on the support of the spectators, who in addition to enjoying the events, also participate in the evaluation of the 115 films proposed by the organization. Although they also receive the evaluation of a professional jury accompanied by a novice jury.

The festival will be held between November 9th and 25th in the city of Santiago de Compostela and the main centers where the activities and screenings will take place will be: the Auditorio de Galicia, the Teatro Principal, the Salón Teatro, the Sala Multicines Compostela, Cinema Numax and the CGAC.

To learn more about the participating films or their screening schedule, access the Cineuropa website ( or follow them on Instagram (