Kids collection for summer 2024

At Moksín, we are delighted to present our new children's footwear collection for Spring/Summer 2024. We have selected the best brands to ensure your little ones not only look stylish but also enjoy maximum comfort and quality. This season, we bring you the latest from iconic brands such as Birkenstock, Vans, Veja, and Converse. Discover the standout models and get ready to equip your kids with the best on the market.

Birkenstock Sandals: Comfort and Style

Birkenstock sandals are synonymous with comfort and anatomical design. For Spring/Summer 2024, we highlight two must-have models for boys and girls:

Birkenstock Milano and Rio Sandals

  • Birkenstock Milano: Made from EVA, these sandals are extremely soft and lightweight. Their anatomical sole offers optimal support for growing feet, ensuring comfort all day long.
  • Birkenstock Rio: Another EVA model that combines style and functionality. The Rio sandals are perfect for summer activities, offering great durability and comfort.

Both models are available in a variety of vibrant colors, perfect for adding a touch of joy to your children's outfits.

Vans Sneakers: A Timeless Classic

Vans sneakers are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. This season, we offer the iconic Vans Old Skool in versions adapted for boys and girls:

Vans Old Skool

  • Colors Pink and Camel: Available in attractive tones like pink and camel, these sneakers add a touch of style to any outfit.
  • Velcro or Laces: Depending on your children's age, you can choose the velcro closure, ideal for the little ones, or laces, perfect for the older ones.

The Vans Old Skool are known for their durability and style, making them a perfect choice for everyday wear.

Veja Sneakers: Sustainability and Fashion

Veja is a brand that combines fashion and sustainability. Veja's sneakers for boys and girls are perfect for parents looking for eco-friendly footwear without sacrificing style:

Veja V-10

  • Modern Designs: With a variety of colors and modern designs, Veja sneakers are an excellent choice for Spring/Summer 2024.
  • Sustainable Materials: Made with eco-friendly materials, these sneakers are not only good for your children's feet but also for the planet.
  1. VEJA V-10

The Veja V-10 kids sneaker is an example of timelessness and functionality, making it a great option for the little ones.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star: Versatility and Style

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star are a must-have in any child's wardrobe. These sneakers offer versatility and style, perfect for any occasion:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

  • For Boys and Girls: Available in a wide range of colors, the Chuck Taylor All Star adapts to both boys and girls, offering comfortable and stylish footwear.
  • Durability and Comfort: With their robust design and comfortable sole, these sneakers are ideal for accompanying your children on all their summer adventures.

Find the Perfect Footwear at Moksín

At Moksín, we strive to offer you the best footwear options for boys and girls, combining quality, comfort, and style. Our new Spring/Summer 2024 collection includes the most desired models from Birkenstock, Vans, Veja, and Converse, ensuring your children are always stylish and comfortable.

Visit Moksí and discover the wide range of options available. Equip your little ones with the best this season and ensure they are ready to enjoy every moment with the most stylish and comfortable footwear!