Boots, booties, sandals, or sneakers. This season, Nemonic has it all. The Made in Spain brand reinvents itself every season and surprises us with its unique and avant-garde designs while maintaining its classic and timeless appeal.

The family-owned Murcian company always presents one of our widest collections, and season after season, they reinforce our confidence in their products. This spring/summer 2023, they have seamlessly blended fashion and modernity with elegance and timelessness, and the result couldn't be better. To bring a sense of unity to this diverse collection, they have incorporated wood as a common thread. It appears in various forms in different models of the collection, whether overtly or by emulating colors and textures, adding a unique and organic touch.

Their heeled sandals and pumps feature a simpler construction, elevated by the use of bold materials and colors. On the other hand, Nemonic's boots and booties follow a more contemporary line, creating the perfect fusion of the new and the classic. Achieving this successfully is no easy task, but for Nemonic, nothing is impossible.

The aforementioned sandals and heeled shoes from Nemonic form the most abundant and diverse section of the collection. While two models stand out, it's the variety of colors that makes it truly significant. The Nemonic Nice heeled shoes feature an open heel but ensure a secure fit with a strap that wraps around the back. They also have a buckle on the instep, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes. They are a key highlight of Nemonic's spring/summer 2023 collection due to their versatility. The Nemonic Emma sandal follows a similar direction, with a slightly lower heel and a buckle around the ankle.

Our favorite boot and bootie models, Nemonic Kansas and Nemonic Texas, are the highlights of the season. Western-style cowboy boots are a prime example of contemporary fashion with a touch of timeless appeal. They are a wardrobe staple that can be worn daily or for special occasions, pairing perfectly with dresses or jeans. Nemonic offers 5 different booties and boots that vary in shaft height or heel height, with their distinctive feature being the fringes. Whether you prefer a basic boot to complement your everyday outfits or a more authentic cowboy style for a particular piece, there is a Nemonic boot for you.

And finally, we introduce you to the latest addition in Nemonic sneakers. We have two models, each available in two color combinations, featuring the signature Nemonic style. Nemonic Queens and Nemonic Bronx share the same sole design but with different patterns, and they both feature the distinctive Nemonic logo on the laces, making them truly unique. Choosing just one among all of them would be a difficult task for us as well.

Explore the variety of Nemonic sneakers on our website,, and discover the perfect pair that suits your style. Whether you're looking for a bold statement or a more subtle and versatile option, Nemonic has something for everyone. Don't miss out on these must-have sneakers of the season!