This is the first time we're talking about Chiara Ferragni here at Moksín. It's because for the upcoming spring/summer 2019 season, we are excited to present the new collection of shoes and sneakers by Chiara Ferragni in our store. We have to confess that, just like it happens sometimes in stores, this was also an impulse buy for us. We have been following the evolution of the brand created by Chiara Ferragni for some time, and this latest collection we've seen has sparked enough inspiration in us to include it in the Moksín collection and present it in our store. We believe that the brand has reached maturity in terms of quality and its distinctive design elements, both in materials and designs. Now we will have to see how it can further evolve on these foundations, and time will tell. We will keep you updated.

As a sneak peek of the Chiara Ferragni spring/summer 2019 collection, we present you the latest models of Converse by Chiara Ferragni.Glitter and sparkling materials are usually predominant in Chiara Ferragni's shoe and sneaker collections.

 These materials, along with the light blue inner lining, are some of the brand's signature elements.True to form, the Chiara Ferragni Converse also feature glitter and the brand's iconic eye and eyelid logo. In this case, the Chuck Taylor Converse sneaker is used with a creeper-style platform sole in silver glitter, showcasing the eye design on one side. With these Chiara Ferragni Converse sneakers, you'll be the queens of the party.

In the second option of this collaboration between Chiara Ferragni and Converse, black glitter is used on a low-top Converse sneaker with a creeper-style platform sole, similar to the previous version. Here, you can see that the eye design is placed on the back of the heel.

Stay tuned for the arrival of the Chiara Ferragni collection in our store for the spring/summer 2019 season. You won't want to miss out on these stylish and eye-catching designs.