We all know that the spring and summer season is the perfect time to attend all celebrations, parties, and events. The weather is pleasant, and the mood is high. All that's left is to finalize the outfit and, of course, the sandals.

You might be inclined towards something more closed for this year's events, or perhaps something with a surprising platform. Or maybe you need a basic neutral-colored sandal that goes with everything, and that you can wear for many years to come for different occasions. Whatever your choice for this spring/summer 2024 season, we have something for you.

By something more closed, we mean the season's sensation: ballet flats and mary janes. With or without heels, in patent leather or metallic, embrace the current trend with our Seiale styles of ballet flats and mary janes. The Seiale Reollo mary jane, available in nude and black, is a wardrobe staple crafted from the highest quality materials in Spain. All this makes the Seiale Reollo mary jane adapt perfectly to the foot, maximizing comfort. In addition, its shape is one of the most special we've had to date, with a slightly elongated square shape at the tip that adds design and positions it as a mary jane that's more special and different from what we've seen lately. We'll undoubtedly pair them with the Bonzaburo Mini-Mini Petit Bag Pink Beige, creating the perfect continuity for the style with that touch of fashion and difference, yet being a color that's very easy to match.

In the same line of colors, materials, and shape as the Seiale Reollo mary jane, we have the Seiale Trece sandals and the Seiale Seis sandals. The only difference between these two models would be the height of the heel, as one is lower and the other higher respectively. Apart from that, they're square-toed sandals that feel even better on than they look, and that's saying something because we already love them when we see them. They have a succession of seemingly random straps on the instep that create the perfect foot support, accompanied by an ankle strap to improve grip. They're full of details and are a perfect choice if you're looking for a nude or black patent sandal that goes with everything.

Continuing with the mary jane trend, the second model we have available recreating this silhouette is the Seiale Trasto mary jane. Its shape is rounder at the tip and also more timeless, emulating a bit more the classic mary janes we all know. As ballet mary janes, they're characterized by the two straps on the instep, closed toe but open heel, with a buckle strap that also holds the ballet flat. It's available in 5 different colors, 3 of them in patent leather and the remaining 2 in metallic leather, also setting the trend for metallic gold and silver.

The Seiale Trasto patent leather ballet mary jane comes in 3 different colors, of which 2 are basic (black and off-white), while the third is a striking red mary jane. It's clear that red is one of the most present and fashionable colors today, and what better way to combine it than with one of the trending silhouettes like mary janes. We think it's a perfect open-backed ballet flat for any occasion, as its heel is low and comfortable, so it's suitable for a more special occasion as well as to elevate a more casual look.

Regarding platforms, our next point to address, there are also different options for finish and height. The Seiale Bica Plata sandal and the Seiale Bica Oro sandal have a 3 cm platform and a 12 cm heel, so they are very well balanced and result in a very comfortable sandal. They're made of a patent mirror-like material in gold and silver, as their names suggest. They also feature an ankle strap with an adjustable buckle and the instep is secured by three crossed straps.

However, if you're looking for more platform dimension, the Seiale Xiro sandals are your best ally. They're available in 3 trendy colors: electric blue, fuchsia pink, and black. They also have crossed straps on the instep, in this case two and wider. The heel measures 11 cm and the platform, which is the main protagonist, is 4.5 cm. The ankle strap is also slightly wider. As we want you to make a perfect match, our recommendation for pairing these sandals with so much personality are the Seiale Sequin bags, available in various colors including blue and pink, perfect for combining with platform sandals.

If you like the two crossed straps on the instep a bit thicker, but you want something with a discreet heel that you can get a lot of wear out of, the Seiale Esbroar sandals, available in gold and silver, will be your choice. They're flat sandals but very comfortable, with a slight 4.5 cm heel. They're open-backed but have the famous ankle strap that is repeated throughout the last models of Seiale Sandals we've been talking about. We think it's a comfortable way to elevate your most elegant outfits for special occasions without sacrificing functionality, as on those days the main concern is to be happy with the outfit but knowing that you'll be able to enjoy it without worrying about foot discomfort.

This combination of gold and silver also applies to one of the most special retro silhouettes we have this spring/summer 2024 season, the Seiale Orbe sandals. Its shape, reminiscent of vintage, is round on the entire footbed, providing not only design but also a wide and comfortable surface. But it's clear that what reminds us most of a vintage sandal is the arrangement of the front straps, perfectly designed to make it one of the most special sandals in the Seiale 2024 collection. The hourglass-shaped heel continues to reflect the ancient yet modern essence that the sandal aims to convey.

And finally, we wanted to talk to you about the Seiale model that never fails, and that we end up sold out every season. And that's because it's a sandal that, despite being more basic, always works. The quality leather used promises durability, and there's no better sandal than this one that's completely timeless so that it lasts you for all the years you may need it. We're talking about the Seiale Lance sandal, which this season also appears with a low heel (4.5 cm) under the name Seiale Tres. The available colors also lend themselves to being perfectly combinable sandals, as both black, gold, and silver are the colors of sandals that we end up getting the most use out of. Therefore, everything is fully designed so that they are the sandals you turn to every time you need something that goes with everything.

Although we've presented you with these models, you can't miss the new Fiesta and Events collection available in full on our website or in Moksín A Estrada and Moksín Santiago de Compostela physical stores. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us through our social media @moksin_com.