Kennel and Schmenger summer 2024

At Moksín, we are excited to present the latest collection from Kennel & Schmenger, a German brand that has defined luxury and quality in footwear since 1918. With over a century of history, Kennel & Schmenger is synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, combining tradition and innovation to create shoes that are true works of art.

Origins and Quality of Kennel & Schmenger

Kennel & Schmenger began its journey in 1918 in Germany, quickly standing out for its attention to detail and commitment to quality. Each pair of shoes is a manifestation of dedication to excellence, using top-class materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure comfort and durability.

Ballerinas: The Must-Have for Summer 2024

This summer, ballerinas are positioned as an essential basic in your wardrobe. Kennel & Schmenger offers us two trending models:

Kennel & Schmenger Blair Ballerinas

The Kennel & Schmenger Blair ballerinas are ideal for any occasion, thanks to their detailed embellishments that add a subtle and sophisticated shine. Perfect for both day and night, these ballerinas combine elegance and comfort, making every step a pleasure.

Kennel & Schmenger Billy Ballerinas

If you are looking for a classic style with a modern twist, the Kennel & Schmenger Billy ballerinas are your best choice. Adorned with pearls, these ballerinas present a timeless design with an innovative touch, combining elegance and boldness in a single pair.


Sneakers: Trendy Comfort and Style

Sneakers are essential for any wardrobe, and Kennel & Schmenger brings us the perfect model for this season:

Kennel & Schmenger Drift Sneakers

The Kennel & Schmenger Drift sneakers return in a range of beautiful, trendy colors. This classic model combines comfort with a contemporary style, ideal for active days. With the Drift, you will maintain a casual yet chic look without sacrificing comfort.


Sandals: The Reinvention of Luxury

To complete your summer look, elegant sandals from Kennel & Schmenger are a must-have:

Kennel & Schmenger Elle Sandals

The Kennel & Schmenger Elle sandals continue the pearl trend, reinventing the brand’s best-selling model. These sandals are the epitome of luxury and sophistication, perfect for any summer outfit. The pearls add an exclusive and distinctive detail that elevates any look.


Find Your Perfect Pair at Moksín

At Moksín, we are proud to offer you the new collection from Kennel & Schmenger, where each pair of shoes reflects a dedication to quality and exceptional design. Don’t miss out on these trends and always look spectacular with Kennel & Schmenger. Discover the collection and find your perfect pair today!

The new Kennel & Schmenger collection for Summer 2024 offers a range of elegant and sophisticated options that combine quality, comfort, and style. From the Blair and Billy ballerinas to the Drift sneakers and Elle sandals, each model is designed to highlight your unique style. Visit and discover why Kennel & Schmenger continues to be the choice for luxury footwear connoisseurs.