Prepare to embark on a journey into the captivating world of Puro Secret, a brand that had been quietly developing for years before its grand debut. Sibylle and Josef Schachl, the visionary creators behind Puro Secret, dedicated a decade to meticulously crafting their foundations and ensuring that every aspect aligned with their vision. From refining initial sketches to sourcing the finest materials and enlisting skilled artisans for the meticulous craftsmanship, no detail was overlooked.

Their ultimate goal was to create a brand that was truly original and distinct, offering a limited yet exceptional selection of products, where each piece would be considered a work of art. Puro Secret sandals and boots were intended to make a bold statement, exuding personality and capturing everyone's attention. They aimed to establish an emotional connection between the wearer and the Puro Secret collection.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Puro Secret footwear embodies an environmental consciousness. Each Puro Secret creation is individually crafted in limited quantities, embracing the principles of Slow Fashion – a mindful and deliberate approach to manufacturing that prioritizes durability. These Puro creations, as they affectionately call them, are designed for those who seek to add a truly special piece to their wardrobe.

In their design process, Puro Secret seeks to push boundaries by reinterpreting established fashion patterns and setting new trends. Despite a restrained color palette primarily composed of black, white, and gray, each piece showcases the expertise and uniqueness of its design, transcending the need for vibrant hues. These shoes inherently convey their story in the most exquisite way.

This Spring/Summer 2023 season at Moksín, we proudly present our curated selection of Puro Secret sandals:

First on the list is the Puro Secret High 5 sandal, meticulously crafted from premium leather. Available in two distinct colors – black and gray – this sandal features a slightly ridged platform sole, elevating you approximately 5.5 cm above the ground. Its parallel arrangement of plush quilted straps sets the stage for a final ankle strap, ensuring a secure and stylish fit.

The remaining sandals follow a similar construction, consisting of padded straps and showcasing minimalist and unique designs. With options ranging from high-cut sandals boasting avant-garde structures, like the Puro Secret Be Different, to those with a more moderate profile, such as the Puro Secret New Naked and Puro Secret Max Impact, and finally, the low-cut sandals known as Slow Motion Bombato.

Let's not forget the Puro Secret clogs, which maintain the same aesthetic coherence as the previous designs. These leather clogs feature a pristine white upper, embellished with a vertical stripe. Notably, they also include versatile laces at the heel, allowing for creative crisscrossing along the leg and ankle.

We hope that the Puro Secret sandals of the Spring/Summer 2023 season captivate you as much as they do us. To explore these and more, please visit our website or pay a visit to our physical stores in A Estrada and Santiago de Compostela.