In the world of threads and fabrics, Galicians have always made their mark. But when it comes to leather and soles, it's a different story. That's why we're excited to introduce you to Laura Villasenin, better known as Miista. She's a Galician designer based in London, and you can now find her creations in our stores and on our website. No words can fully capture the essence of her designs; you simply have to see them to understand the unique blend of personality and audacity they convey.

One of the featured models on our website is a stunning two-strap sandal with a transparent heel, available in both black and white. While the design appears simple at first glance, the impeccable attention to detail takes this sandal to a whole new level. It's a rarity to find a style that effortlessly balances dressy and casual, offering versatility for any look, and this sandal does just that. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Laura for infusing so much passion into her designs.

We hope you fall in love with these creations, and we look forward to expanding our collection from this remarkable Galician designer in our stores.