Nemonic new collection spring/summer 2024

When we write about Nemonic, we always end up with one conclusion: that their original cowboy boots will always be a special piece in your wardrobe.

Nemonic, a Spanish brand that manufactures with quality materials, designs unique yet comfortable cowboy boots, ready for everyday wear.

The best thing about Nemonic's spring/summer 2024 collection is that it has an option for every taste. Not only does it feature cowboy boots with more daring designs, but it also embraces the classics, offering basic cowboy boots and booties in neutral colors that are very versatile and stylish.

Among these neutral and minimalist Nemonic cowboy boots and booties are the iconic Atlanta 2273 Voley booties, a model that Nemonic turns to every season for its practicality and how easy it is to work with them, incorporating new materials and colors each season. What never fails in this boot regardless of the material or color are the signature features of Nemonic cowboy booties and cowboy boots. We're talking about the seams and cuts that make this boot more authentic and unique. The Nemonic Atlanta 2273 Voley Bambi bootie, in brown suede, is precisely the bootie you need if you're looking for something to complement any look. However, this same model also comes in metallic gold, following the trend of metallic Nemonic booties from this past winter. It's the Nemonic Atlanta 2273 Dollar Platino bootie, but this one is not in the same category as basic cowboy boots and booties, as it's more elevated.


Continuing with the minimalism we started talking about, we have the Nemonic Kansas 2280 Voley Artico cowboy boot and the Nemonic Atlanta 2353 Voley Artico bootie. Together, they form a small collection of boots and booties, as the finishes and colors are very similar, although each has its special details. The Nemonic Kansas 2280 Voley Artico cowboy boot is a high shaft cowboy boot with very fresh cutouts, perfect for this summer 2024, as well as small details in golden leather at different important points of the boot. It also features front seams on the instep that position it as a cowboy boot. However, in the Nemonic Atlanta 2353 Voley Artico bootie, the golden details are more notable and attract more attention, placed in areas meant to be highlighted on the boot. Both share a very significant aspect of these boots, which we often see in Nemonic cowboy boots, and that is the slightly worn-out toe. Is it becoming a trademark of the brand?


And finally, in Nemonic cowboy boots for this spring/summer 2024 season, we have the Denim line. It includes denim fabric in different parts of classic Nemonic cowboy boot models, suggesting a bolder move by the brand and especially adapting to the trend, as this season both indigo blue and denim blue are emerging as the trend of the moment. This is more evident when they also incorporate metallic fabric to combine with denim, embracing two trends. In this case, with metallic gold, just like the other details in previous models of Nemonic cowboy boots.

In this case, they also give us the option to choose between a high boot, the Nemonic Kansas 2381 Glitter Hielo cowboy boot, whose combination of denim and metallic is carefully thought out, as the metallic covers the toe and instep, and has a strong presence in the shaft (which in this case is a gaiter) forming different patterns. The denim covers the rest of the gaiter.

For booties, we have the Nemonic Kansas 2018 Voley Tabaco Azul cowboy boot, a bootie with a slightly higher shaft and heel, mixing brown suede with denim, and also the Nemonic Atlanta 2353 Carcoma Oro Azul bootie, a model that is more familiar to us from Nemonic but in this case with denim and leather with metallic and brown gradients distributed strategically, surrounding the area closest to the sole: the toe, the heel, and the sides. All of this creates a very interesting flame-like shape that repeats, as you could see in all the combinations of Nemonic cowboy boots.


All this and much more from Nemonic is available on our website and in Moksín A Estrada and Moksín Santiago de Compostela physical stores. And of course, don't hesitate to contact us through social media (@moksin_com) if you have any questions or are interested in knowing all the latest news before anyone else. See you in the next post!