Check out the stunning dress collection we're presenting at Moksín for this spring-summer season, particularly the Ezzio brand. In the photos, you'll find our famous studded section.

The high-heeled models feature studs applied along the foot straps. The main difference between the colors is as follows: in black and yellow, one of the trendiest colors this summer, you'll notice that the studs have a matte finish. This creates a youthful and edgy aesthetic, complementing the boldness of the black and yellow sandal design. Another distinction is the type of leather used for the base of the stud. In the black version, we use matte leather, while the yellow version features patent leather. This differentiation in materials enhances the visual impact of the sandals on the foot. The black model, in particular, showcases a trendy total black matte look, as well as the total white option.

Moving on to the third color presented, beige, the combination of materials aims for a more tranquil and classic aesthetic. We achieve this by using beige as a timeless base color and adding white glossy studs on the patent leather straps. The insole and heel feature a grainy matte beige leather. In short, this sandal is incredibly versatile and its design beautifully enhances the leg and foot.

Lastly, let's not forget about those of you who want comfort without sacrificing a bit of height. The lower version of this sandal features a closed heel with a side buckle closure around the ankle for a secure and comfortable fit. The finishes and material combinations are applied similarly to the higher versions. The straps adorned with studs in the front of the sandal form a bow, which connects to the top strap through a strip over the instep, creating a T-strap design.

You can view the entire collection right here.