As it often happens when we push something to the extreme, it becomes a subject of both strong criticism and high praise. And, of course, the case of Ugly Sneakers is no exception. The oversized soles and the mix of materials and colors on the uppers make them either objects of devotion or objects of hatred, depending on the beholder.

For the Moksin collection, we've chosen a middle ground to avoid creating extreme feelings of love or hate. :)))

Although we believe that, like us, you won't be able to help but fall in love when you see the Elena Iachi sneakers we're about to show you. They definitely follow the Ugly Sneakers trend, but in a more restrained way, allowing you to wear them on the streets discreetly while enjoying the confidence that comes with such meticulous design and top-notch materials.

Strips of metallic-colored leather combined with mesh and a fabric that closely resembles reflectors on the upper create a dazzling combination with the chunky sole. When you wear these sneakers, it feels like you're adorning your feet with mini jewels.

Of course, we don't even need to mention the comfort factor.

We're excited to have you visit our store and try them on. Then you can decide for yourself whether you choose to love them or hate them.