No doubt you've come across Veja sneakers, either through your favorite influencer or while searching for sustainable or vegan footwear brands. Despite being in the market for 14 years, they've recently taken the spotlight. At Moksín, we've curated several models for you to choose from, and we'll explain why they've become such a success. Trust us; there are plenty of reasons.

Originating from France but produced in Brazil, "Veja" means "look" in Portuguese, but what is there to see?

Their sustainable production involves the use of organic cotton without chemicals or pesticides, soles made with 40% rubber from the Amazon, and dyed leathers to minimize water waste. These practices not only add value to the region but also contribute to the fight against deforestation. Moreover, workers involved in material harvesting and shoe production receive fair wages. In the final stage, where the sneakers are transported to France by ship, logistics operations are handled by a company that employs individuals at risk of social exclusion, providing them with work for societal reintegration.

Veja is undoubtedly an ethical company committed to eco-friendly production!

Here are some Veja sneakers available at Moksín:

V-12 models incorporate fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, making them lightweight and breathable. Each pair uses three plastic bottles.

The linings are crafted from 100% polyester derived from recycled plastic bottles, ensuring flexibility and comfort.

Model O5CP071849 is a vegan alternative to classic leather sneakers. The material is made in Italy from corn waste applied to a cotton canvas. Incredible, right? A wardrobe essential, these go well with midi skirts and mom jeans, fitting seamlessly into any outfit.

Veja emphasizes that they don't produce on demand to prevent excess stock and waste, so snag your Veja sneakers as soon as possible. Don't miss out!