Valsport shoes and sports shoes

In Moksin, we're thrilled to kick off the autumn-winter season by introducing a new addition to our online and physical stores: Valsport, the Italian brand of sneakers and sportswear.

Let's travel back over a hundred years to the year 1920 in the Italian city of Padua, where Valsport took its first steps by offering products for various sports before eventually opening its own store. Over the years, their fame grew, and they even became sponsors of the Italian team, Juventus. Today, Valsport sneakers and sportswear are recognized both domestically and internationally. It's a prestigious brand that has maintained its artisanal approach since its early days. Valsport sneakers and sportswear stand out for their handmade craftsmanship using the finest materials sourced from Italy. They are manufactured in small Italian workshops, allowing for meticulous attention to detail.

When you purchase a Valsport sneaker, you're investing in a piece of history. Expert hands have paid close attention to its manufacturing to ensure durability and quality.

Once again, white sneakers are in high demand this season, offering versatile and stylish options for casual or dressier looks. Valsport presents two choices:

You can choose between the Valsport Tournament Nappa Bianco Evergreen and the Valsport Super Davis Pelle sneakers, both exuding elegance and meticulous finishing. These options are perfect for those seeking superior quality white sneakers that will make them stand out from the crowd ;)

If you prefer a more sporty finish, Valsport has several options for you. Crafted from different materials such as leather, suede, and fabric, these sneakers feature padded and comfortable insoles, plush tongues, and towel interiors that provide exceptional comfort against your feet. The comfortable footbed of these sneakers will make you want to give them a try.

We have the Valsport Magic Trekk sneakers available in two distinct combinations. One features vibrant shades of green combined harmoniously with beige, black, and orange—a perfect choice for sneaker enthusiasts. The other option offers a more understated look with earthy tones, blacks, and a touch of blue. Which one catches your eye?

The Valsport Magic Heritage sneakers in black will undoubtedly become a must-have for you this season.

And let's not forget about the elegant combination showcased in the Valsport Magic Run sneakers—one of the most sophisticated combinations of the campaign.

Another gem this season is the Valsport sporty boot. It features a stunning combination of white and camel with colorful accents—an exceptionally modern model with a touch of uniqueness.

We also offer Valsport sneakers for women. The chosen model is the Valsport Magic Goldi, a fantastic golden sneaker combined with black. It's a high-end design that guarantees you won't go unnoticed.

Take a look at our complete selection of Valsport sneakers and sportswear on We have a wide range of options for you to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect fit based on your needs and preferences.

You can purchase Valsport sportswear online or visit our stores in Santiago de Compostela. Simply head to to explore the collection and make your purchase.