NEMONIC SHOES Autumn Winter Collection 2019

At Moksin, we're excited to introduce the new shoe collection from Nemonic. This collection is 100% made in Spain. Season after season, Nemonic offers us the opportunity to try out retro vintage-style shoe models. Nemonic shoes are both original and incredibly comfortable. Among the different options we have to show you, you'll find patent leather, houndstooth patterns, two-tone heels, and even all of these options combined into a single shoe. Their uniqueness ensures that anyone wearing Nemonic shoes will turn heads.

Let's start with the quintessential model: the two-tone striped heel. This medium-heeled shoe is available in navy patent leather or green. The "T-strap" design makes it a flattering shoe for your ladylike looks.

Next, we have the higher-heeled version, this time in black and maroon. You can choose between a black patent leather shoe with a two-tone striped heel and white accents, or a maroon patent leather shoe with gold accents and a heel in earth tones. Like the previous models, these Nemonic shoes also feature a "T-strap" for a perfect fit.

The third option from Nemonic is perfect for colder days – a lace-up shoe that combines different leathers and patterns. In this Nemonic shoe, you'll find red patent leather, black and white houndstooth pattern, two-tone accents and heel. It's undoubtedly a shoe for those who love something different.

Lastly, we present this Mary Jane-style shoe with a heel. It comes in the most striking combination of red, white, and black, or the more subdued earth-toned option. This Nemonic shoe is perfect for both office looks and leisure time.

We invite you to visit our stores and try on the Nemonic shoes that best suit your taste.