Bryan is a Spanish brand of women’s shoes, which manufactures all its products in Spain making the brand be 100% "made in Spain". This manufacture is carried out in Aspe, Alicante, picking up all the shoemaker tradition of the area. Aspe is one of the places where shoes are always manufactured in Spain, guaranteeing a tradition in shoe manufacturing from decades and even centuries.

Bryan’s shoes, boots and ankle boots are also designed with women’s feet in mind. Its design is completely ergonomic and respects the nature of the foot so that the shoes are very comfortable. With this design Bryan want to avoid that shoes squeeze the foot or it force to accustom the shoe to the foot. All shoes are manufactured with premium skins, to ensure that it is soft, flexible and breathable.

When it comes to design, Bryan wants to create shoes for today’s women, women who know what they want or what they are looking for. In the collections of Bryan there are ankle boots, high boots or versions of men’s shoes perfect for a cool look.

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