Diadora is from Veneto, the same Italian region where Venice is located. Diadora was born in the late 1940s and did so in an artisan workshop making mountain boots. This boots soon became famous for having very good quality and the brand was consolidated. Just over a decade later, the firm began manufacturing other types of sports shoes. Ski boots, running shoes and sneakers also became part of its catalogue.

Decades later - and after becoming also the sports shoes that many famous sportsmen wore - the brand is not only a popular name in sneakers and other sports shoes, but also continues to bet on the same feature that made it famous at first. Diadora want its shoes to be high quality.

The brand also uses innovation as an element to create different footwear and is always looking for the best materials and best formulas to produce their shoes, always taking care of its heritage in Italian design.

Diadora footwear is for both women, men and children and covers the needs in different sports practices. Diadora has also launched a Heritage collection, which takes back the classic shoe designs in 90s and adapts them to 21st century consumers.

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