Hudson is a brand of shoes, boots and boots totally British. It was founded in London in 1990 and the British capital is the place where Hudson’s shoes are designed. Their shoes and boots follow the classic models, with brogues and formal shoes that seem timeless, but with a modern twist, a twist that makes its different and that makes them stand out above the average.

Although the brand produces British shoes, its inspiration is much more global. To make each shoe unique, Hudson choose different places and different shoe making techniques from around the world as inspiration like employing finishing techniques from elsewhere.

Its philosophy is to offer the best quality, but making your shoes affordable. Although Hudson is mostly known for its men’s shoes, boots and ankle boots, for a few years the brand have also featured women’s shoe models. Sneakers, brogues, boots, casual shoes and even boot shoes are some of the models that are part of its catalog.

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